I'm not sure what to put here. I do stuff. I write humor, satire, creative nonfiction, weirdness, sadness, shame, depression, mania, confusion, bananas, mental health, unicorns, drawing, hilarity, sobriety, relationships, nightmares, helicopters, pool parties, hiking, cheese, stationery, cats, bonsai trees, meditation, home repair, and hot sauce. That’s about it.

I have a podcast with my friend Kiki Walter called The Unfocused Writer and can be found on Instagram @christopher_robin79.

My hidden talents include:

-Shoe Shining


-Drawing Cat Anuses

-Triple Eyebrow Raise



-Being A Person in the Room

Recently sober and learning lessons about life I drowned in alcohol. I'm also married with two wonderful kids who are now 7 and 10. We live in a suburb of Pittsburgh in western Pennsylvania near friends and family.

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Apparently I put the AB prefix in front of normal. Recovering alcoholic, humorist, contemplatist, essayist, averagest, editor of my own reality.